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Watch Almost Dead Full Movie Online Free [720p] [1080p] [blu ray]

Almost Dead Movie Download and Online Streaming Details

Downloading Almost Dead movie or streaming it online is very easy on our website. Feel free to click download to download Almost Dead from a high-speed server or click stream to stream it immediately. Here are some essential notes about the movie Almost Dead :

  • Duration of the movie is 85 min
  • The movie got a rating of 4/10 out of 71 votes
  • The main cast is Aylin Prandi, Valentina Ferrante, Sean James Sutton
  • Movie Genrés Horror, Drama, Thriller

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Movie Analysis

Almost Dead the movie released on 16 of March in the year 2018, The movie had an estimated budget of $2,000,000 The top-three stars of the movie are Sean James Sutton, Aylin Prandi and Valentina Ferrante. The movie was directed by Giorgio Bruno and written by Davide Chiara, 1 more credit and Giorgio Bruno. The movie received 71+ votes and managed to get a rating of 4/10. Explorer Entertainment srl and Olivia Film have co-operated in the making of the movie. The movie was recorded in 1 different locations; Catania, Sicily, Italy The movie got categorized in 3 genrés horror, thriller and drama. Almost Dead IMDB Page

Almost Dead full movie

Movie Storyline

Hope , a researcher who studies infectious sicknesses , the struggle for survival in a global wherein a deadly virus but decimated the populace .
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Synopsis: Hope , a researcher who research infectious diseases , the battle for survival in a world in which a deadly virus but decimated the population .

Movie Cast

  • Giovanni Geo Johnson played the role of Sam
  • Valentina Ferrante Almost Dead Actor Image Valentina Ferrante played the role of Claire Stevenson
  • Aylin Prandi played the role of Hope Walsh
  • Sean James Sutton Almost Dead Actor Image Sean James Sutton played the role of Donald Dawson

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Almost Dead Online Movie Streaming & Download Information

  • Filename: Almost Dead 2018.mp4
  • Filesizes (720P: 548mb) (1080P: 869mb) (BluRay: 940mb)
  • File hosted on 6 third-party servers


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